The Soca dance is an island dance coming from the southern most region of the Caribbean, the islands of Trinidad and Tobago. With its fast beat tempo, the Soca dance is highly regarded and loved by all.

You'll find dance clubs in Jamaica dance to the drum dance beat of Soca as well. Soca is everywhere from festivals to Carnivals to miami dance clubs to every events dance throughout the region. Many Caribbean pop artists are performing to Soca music as well.

Soca's culture is the hot beach parties, night clubs, street and concert festivals that are happening all over. And through its hip action dancing, Soca dance is growing rapidly in popularity in both North and South America. All the steps you learned in Dancehall is done in Soca dance. The only difference is that with Soca dance, you are continually rolling your hips to the beat of the music. Where Dancehall is just about the dance steps, Soca uses the same exact dance steps only with a continual rolling of the hips added to each and everyone of the same exact dance moves.

"Whining" is the correct Caribbean term that refers to this swiveling of the hips that Soca dance is loved for. For obvious reasons, this is done by both males and females and is probably equally as important as all the Dancehall dance steps combined. To practice whining your hips, wear only what is comfortable and make sure you can see your hips in the mirror. As your standing, keep your feet shoulder width apart, slightly bend your knees, and relax your body. Place your hands on your hips and feel your hips moving in a clockwise motion. As you rotate your hips around, push your butt out and when you circle around to your front, tighten your stomach. With practice, you'll be able to whine up that special someone in no time. Learn all about whining for more details and body movements.

Now combine your whining hip movements with each of the eight basic dance steps you learned in Dancehall. Practice this until you are a hot Caribbean dancing machine. For additional instruction, post your comments below or contact your local Soca dance studio. Now you're dancing Soca!

What do you like about Soca dancing?

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